Emirates Financial Towers
  The Emirates Financial Towers proudly features the world’s largest automated parking system. Utilizing a revolutionary approach which enables up to 1,191 vehicles to be fully parked by the computerized parking management system, the facility has been designed to more than meet the needs of tenants and visitors alike. All that is required of the driver is to park in the transition bay and exit the vehicle. The system identifies the optimum storage space and then maneuvers the vehicle, which is safely and securely parked, to one of the nine levels. When the driver is ready to leave, the system calls the vehicle back to the transition bay and the driver is able to depart.

Furthermore, the system is “intelligent” in that it will adapt based on a driver’s parking history and automatically shuffle the vehicle towards the exit a few minutes before the driver’s standard departure time.

This revolutionary parking system simply reflects Emirates Financial Towers’ commitment to blending the best in technology and well thought-out design.
Emirates financial Towers